Good Growth Strategy

Closed 7 Feb 2024

Opened 12 Dec 2023


We are seeking your views to develop the City of Wolverhampton Council’s future economic strategy.  

The strategy outlines the Council’s proposed approach to economic development and how we will work alongside our partners to support the local economy to grow. Our strategy is based on three interconnected themes and a central principle of ‘good growth’. 

This means achieving both the right quantity and the right quality of growth; creating a strong, productive and resilient economy where a radical uplift in business competitiveness, productivity and profits goes hand in hand with access to good jobs that pay higher wages, and where all residents have access to opportunity and enjoy improved quality of life.  

You can find a copy of the draft Good Growth strategy at the bottom of this page.  

Through this consultation we want to understand what your priorities are for the city’s economy.


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