Proposed Improvements to Heath Town Park

Closed 27 Mar 2020

Opened 6 Mar 2020


We are proposing to undertake some improvements to Heath Town Park.

Why your views matter

We would like to install a new hard surfaced path to link the Church St entrance and the centre of the park to the children's play area. We feel that this will make it easier for local residents to visit the play area, particularly when the ground conditions are wet and muddy. We would also like to install some simple distance markers alongside the path to help those visitors who use the site for exercise, to measure how far they’ve run or walked.

In addition, we would like to add two new features to the sports area beside the steel framed multi-use games area. A mini football facility which would provide an area for those who wish to practise their soccer skills, and a robust outdoor ping pong table which would provide an opportunity for those who wish to try table tennis. A new path will improve access to the facilities from the existing main path.

The necessary funds for these improvements have been provided by the developer of new residential properties in the locality, through a Section 106 planning agreement.


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