Rainbow City

Closed 13 Jul 2021

Opened 10 May 2021

Results expected 19 Jul 2021

Feedback expected 26 Jul 2021




Wolverhampton aims to be a fair, equal, diverse and inclusive city - everyone should feel safe and free to be themselves. However, feedback collected from our internal Rainbow Staff Equality Forum and from residents during the 2019's LGBT Health Conference shows that this is not the case. Recent estimates suggest that our LGBT+ community is growing (with 2.8% of the population identifying as LGBT+) yet there is currently no dedicated offer for this community in Wolverhampton. 

As the city moves towards recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to improve our offer. The city's Relighting Our City strategy, which sets out our recovery priorities, includes a fundamental principle that Wolverhampton should be fair and inclusive for all. Our proposal for the Rainbow City aims to redesign our recreational and support services for the LGBT+ community, while broadening the day and night life opportunities for everyone in the city.  

Our ambition is simple – we want to be a Rainbow City where people can truly be themselves. Whoever you are; you are welcome within the City of Wolverhampton and we want to ensure that this can become a reality.  

This is where we need your help. 

We want your views to shape what the Rainbow City would look and feel like, what it needs to become to mean something to you and what it can do to help you and the wider community.

For more information on the vision, principles and stands please see the document below.

Rainbow City - Principles, Vision and Objectives

Why your views matter

We want to ensure that the Rainbow City is an inclusive as possible.  We are consulting with residents, businesses and services in order to get as much information as possible in order to further develop our Rainbow City Strategy.

What happens next

Following the consultation of the Rainbow City, this will be compiled together with a Rainbow City Strategy that will detail a project plan, actions and responsibilities.   


  • Bilston North
  • Blakenhall
  • Bushbury North
  • East Park
  • Fallings Park
  • Graiseley
  • Heath Town
  • Merry Hill
  • Oxley
  • Park
  • Penn
  • St Peter's
  • Tettenhall Regis
  • Tettenhall Wightwick
  • Wednesfield North
  • Wednesfield South


  • All residents


  • Tourism
  • City centre
  • Community safety