Gambling Policy Review

Closed 3 Feb 2022

Opened 11 Nov 2021


Under the Gambling Act 2005, the council, together with the Gambling Commission, are responsible for the licensing of gaming and betting permission in Wolverhampton.

The act requires the council to publish a 'Statement of Licensing Policy'. This sets out the criteria against which licensing decisions will be made.

The 3 licensing objectives at the heart of the policy are:

  • preventing gambling from being a source of crime and disorder, being associated with crime and disorder or being used to support crime
  • ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  • protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

Why your views matter

The current Statement of Licensing Policy was agreed by the council was approved and published in January 2019 and was produced following extensive consultation with:

  • licensees
  • businesses
  • residents
  • community groups
  • partner enforcing agencies.

The Gambling Act requires that every authority must review its policy every 3 years. A draft policy has therefore been prepared and comments on it are invited.

Click here to view the draft policy or download the document at the bottom of this page.

What happens next

The council will look carefully at the responses and consider if changes need to be made to the policy so that there is an improvement in the way that it addresses the licensing objectives.


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