Supplier Support - COVID-19 Response

Closes 31 Oct 2020

Opened 7 Jul 2020


During the Covid-19 outbreak, City of Wolverhampton Council is seeking to assist all suppliers by ensuring prompt payment of invoices to support cashflow.

The UK government has put in place a set of support measures for businesses during this time.

If you are seeking support from the Council over and above that available from the UK government, then please note the following before providing the information requested in this questionnaire:

Guidance from the UK government suggests ways in which contracting authorities may support contracted suppliers who are at risk, provided that the authority undertakes its usual duties of regulation compliance and value for money and that it ensures that proportionate and appropriate due diligence is undertaken. 

Support for contracted suppliers who are at risk may be given to protect liquidity and jobs.

While there is some flexibility to make advance payment, where appropriate, this is capped and applies only where City of Wolverhampton Council is satisfied that a value for money case is made by securing continuity of supply of critical services in the medium to long term.

Please note that this financial support from the Council should be considered as a last resort.  Suppliers should exhaust all other avenues form Central Government for support before approaching the Council.

Support given is subject to

  • Suppliers agreeing to act and work on an open book basis with appropriate cost transparency to enable the Council to meet its value for money obligations.
  • Suppliers must commit to ensuring that any required cost data is made available to the Council where requested or agree to provide it later for audit and reconciliation. Suppliers must be notified that the council does not tolerate fraud and will take action as necessary if fraud is suspected.
  • Where relief is offered suppliers must agree to continue to pay their own employees and subcontractors to ensure business continuity. Staff must continue to be paid the right amount on time and payments in the supply chain must flow through as quickly as possible.
  • Suppliers should retain records during the relief period to support future reconciliation.
  • Suppliers should strictly adhere to the agreed invoicing protocols in order that the Council can pay you quickly, by quoting a PO number or council officer contact.
  • Suppliers should identify in their invoices which elements relate to normal business as usual matters, and which elements are related to the impact of Covid-19 where relief has been agreed. There should be no expectation of profit margin for services which are not delivered.

If any supplier is found to be taking undue fair advantage or failing in their duty to act transparently and with integrity, then the Council has a right to take action to recover payments made. 

Suppliers seeking assistance, who agree to meet the obligations set out above should provide the following information, which must be verified by a Director of the company.  In addition, you will be required to provide your last submitted annual accounts, or if a new organisation accounts from formation to the date you have submitted the request.


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