A Place for Every Child - City of Wolverhampton Education Place Planning 2024-2027

Closed 23 Feb 2024

Opened 22 Jan 2024


The Strategy is a key feature of the City of Wolverhampton Council’s approach to meeting its statutory duties as an advocate for parents and families, supporting vulnerable children and championing educational excellence.  It offers a framework to guide the future development of the school estate in the City.

The Strategy seeks to secure sufficient high-quality school places to improve educational outcomes for all pupils across the City.

Why your views matter

The strategy for education place planning in Wolverhampton outlines the framework for decision making regarding primary and secondary school places across the City of Wolverhampton. It highlights the impact of demographic uplift on demand for schools across the City and the need to identify and develop appropriate solutions to meet anticipated demand for primary and secondary educational provision in the future. To ensure that the strategy reflects local and national educational frameworks ‘City of Wolverhampton Education Place Planning 2024-2027’ has been refreshed and we are seeking your comments/feedback.

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What happens next

All comments will be considered and the Draft ‘ A Place for Every Child - City of Wolverhampton Education Place Planning 2024-2027’ will be updated as necessary. The final version will go to Cabinet on 24 April 2024 for approval.


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