Council Plan 2022

Closed 9 Feb 2022

Opened 12 Jan 2022


Our Council Plan 2019 – 2024 was approved by Full Council on the 4 April 2019 and covers a 5 year period. It sets out how we will work with our partners and communities to make Wolverhampton a city of opportunity. Each year, a “refresh” of the Council Plan is carried out to ensure that resource and effort continue to be aligned to the needs of local people. Since the launch of the plan in 2019 the world we live and work in has changed significantly. Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic we have engaged extensively with our communities, partners and local businesses to understand their priorities for the future. This has helped to shape our refreshed Council Plan.

To view our refreshed Council Plan for 2022 please click here.

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To gain views from various stakeholders, residents and businesses around our digital approach across the city to ensure our vision and aims are achievable.


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