Climate Emergency Consultation

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Closes 28 Feb 2020

Our Organisational Commitment

As part of the Climate Emergency the Council has agreed an organisational goal to be net carbon neutral by 2028 and to ensure all decisions and budgets are in line with this commitment.

1. In order to achieve being a net carbon neutral Council by 2028, the Council will need to change services that are delivered and this may take more investment. Do you agree this is an appropriate use of Council funds?
2. Some of the future climate change actions are likely to involve the city changing. Other local authorities have undertaken a range of actions. Which of the following changes would you welcome?


Heat network – a system that distributes excess heat that’s been generated in a single location through insulated pipes to residential and commercial buildings.

Battery storage – a large battery that gathers energy from the energy grid and/ or renewable energy to be released at a later time. This prevents excess energy being wasted.

Local solar farms
Wind turbines
Plant more trees
More cycle paths
Increased options for household recycling
Increased options for food waste
Subsidised green public transport
Using surplus heat to create a heat network
More electric vehicle charging points
Add local battery storage facilities
3. Do you see any difficulties in the above and why?
4. Should the Council encourage other organisations in the city to sign up to a similar 2028 commitment?
5. If yes, how could the Council go about encouraging organisations to do this?
6. How do you think the Council can best support communities to tackle climate change and increase sustainable activity in the city?