Housing Assistance Policy (HAP) Consultation Survey

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Closes 10 Dec 2020

Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy Review

Have your say to help shape City of Wolverhampton’s Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy.  This policy sets out the types of adaptations and improvements to homes that are supported by the council through grant funding or a loan to help people living in homes they own, rent privately or from a housing association remain living independently.

Please note support to tenants whose home is managed by Wolverhampton Homes or one of our TMO’s is not covered by the policy but can be made available to those eligible through Wolverhampton Homes or their TMO (Tenant Management Organisation).

We have developed a draft policy in response to the flexible powers the council can use to provide a wide range of support to disabled and vulnerable people in making changes to their homes so they better meet their needs.

A full copy of the draft Housing Assistance Policy can be accessed below.

Providing Feedback

We invite your comments to make sure we've considered a wide range of views, which will help shape the final version of the Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy, to determine what grants and loans are made available and to whom.

To provide your views please complete this online survey.

You can also request a paper copy by filling out the webform at the bottom of this page, or calling City Direct on 01902 551155.

If you would like to share some general views on the proposed changes you can do so by emailing housing.strategy@wolverhampton.gov.uk or writing to us on:

Housing Strategy, Civic Centre, St Peters’ Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1SH

The survey closes on 10th December 2020. We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to share your views with us. We will publish a response to the consultation alongside the new Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy. Here you will see how we have considered your comments.

Draft Housing Assistance Policy

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