Proposed improvements to Bushbury Recreation Ground

Closed 27 Sep 2021

Opened 6 Sep 2021


We are proposing to undertake a refurbishment of the existing play area at Bushbury Recreation Ground, Bushbury Lane.

Our proposed design is based on a blend of modern, vibrant play equipment suitable for a wide range of ages and ability levels. The equipment includes specially designed “inclusive equipment” which gives both disabled and able-bodied children the opportunity to play together. All existing surfacing will be replaced with new colourful rubber safety surfacing, to sit under the play equipment. 

We also propose to install a new hard surfaced path from the entrance at Bushbury Lane to Comet Drive with access to the play area. We feel that this will make it easier for local residents to visit the play area, particularly when the ground conditions are wet and muddy.

The play area has not been significantly upgraded for many years, however the necessary funds have been provided through planning agreements relating to the development of new residential properties in the locality.


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