Wednesfield High Street Improvements

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Closes 29 Apr 2024

Wednesfield High Street

The High Street is a key destination in Wednesfield and the proposed interventions seek to improve the public realm and activate the high street to increase footfall and activity and hence reduce vacancy rates.

Proposed interventions:

• New events space within the High Street.

• Seating area created in front of St Thomas’ Church creating a new Church Plaza and key place within High Street.

• Junction to north of High Street to be reconfigured and a super crossing incorporated to ensure safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians.

• High Street market stalls reconfigured and incorporated across the scheme with both temporary and permanent stalls for flexibility.

• High Street will be key in connecting and aligning all of the schemes to create a public realm strategy that is transformational for Wednesfield and reflects the quality of the town and its heritage.

• Canopies provide shelter from rain, ensuring that pedestrians can comfortably use the walkways regardless of the weather conditions

The images show examples of street furniture, lighting, paving and canopies, however, we want your views on the type of improvements you would like to see.