Rent and Service Charges 2021-2022

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Closes 3 Dec 2020

Rent and Service Charges 2021-2022

1. Do you agree with the Council’s priorities for 2021-2022?

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For 2021-2022 our priorities will include:

•         Repairs - continue to improve our repairs and maintenance service.

•         Customer experience - enabling customers to deal with us easily and ensure that they are listened to through a variety of channels.

•         Community focused - being more visible out in the neighbourhoods.  As we move towards more digital channels with more customers using services online, we want to ensure that that we’re more visible in the community too. The Estate Custodian approach allows us to go to the customer rather than they having to come to us. 

•         Smart working - developing digital platforms and a new website that will provide ease of access and speed in responding to calls.

•         Helping communities to stay safe and secure.

•         Keep neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

•         Planned maintenance, investment and improvements to homes - responsive repairs, planned repairs, improvements and adaptations; asbestos and fire reviews - materials used, and specifications.

•         Supporting the City Housing Strategy to provide more homes.

•         Wrap around services - supporting the challenges Universal Credit poses; welfare benefits and money advice.

•         Making improvements to aids and adaptions - quicker and easier for people with a disability to have access to what is needed.

•         Working to make the city a more environmentally friendly city.

2. Do you feel the amount of rent you pay offers value for money?