Consultation on the proposed Care Act Easement Procedure

Closed 25 May 2020

Opened 15 May 2020


The Coronavirus Bill which became law on 25th March 2020, contains measures (called Care Act easements) to help ensure the best possible care for people in our society during this exceptional period. It enables local authorities to streamline assessment arrangements and prioritise resources should they be unable to meet their statutory duties in full. This may be because demand spikes or staffing resources shrink significantly.  

The Care Act easements took legal effect on 31st March 2020 but should only be implemented by local authorities where essential to do so. Local authorities should comply with the pre-amendment Care Act provisions and related Care and Support statutory guidance for as long and as far as possible.  

If you want to read more about this process you can access the Care Act easement guidance by following this link: 

Why We Are Consulting

The City of Wolverhampton Council’s (CWC) approach is that Care Act easements should only be implemented as a last resort and only when all other options and alternatives, including utilising any other available resource, have been explored.

This questionnaire seeks to capture your views on our local procedure and approach to the Care Act easements should we ever need to consider using them at any point in the future.  The proposals are available here. To access the easy read version click here.

Please ensure that you have read the supporting consultation documents provided (click on the link above) before completing this questionnaire.

If you need this or other documents in a different format please email

We have opened this up for a 10 day consultation period rather than a longer period because this is an extremely urgent matter as a result of the Covid-19 situation.

Once the consultation period has ended we will carefully take account of the comments received and all other relevant factors when making a decision on how the Care Act easements would be applied if we were ever in the position that they needed to be.



Data Protection: The information provided as part of this consultation will be collected and processed in accordance with UK data protection law. Where applicable the information entered will be forwarded to the relevant officers and councillors for action or for a reply to be given. Information contained within responses will inform reports to cabinet members and will be anonymised so that no individual can be identified. Information provided will not be used for any other purpose and will be stored securely in accordance with the Council Records Management Policy and Records Retention and Disposal schedule.

Should you at any point wish to withdraw your responses from the consultation, please contact the City of Wolverhampton Council at:.

Further details of how the Council collects and uses information can be found on the Council’s full privacy notice


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